Robert Doesburg
Robert Doesburg

I was born in Rotterdam ( 1945) , painted all my life, but full time since 1995. My speciality is the square style. I developed this style myself.
I am a self made artist. Working in this style gives me all the opportunities of using much more colors, showing surprising effects and
sparkling images, independent of the subject. A square style painting is built on about hundred squares, all little abstracts and painted
one by one. After the last little square is painted, the hard work begins, to create balance and harmony in colours and light.
I cannot make square paintings only. Sometimes i have to give it a break. My other styles are “Double images” ( a integration of figurative
and abstract ) and “dreamscapes “ ( surrealism) I see myself as a aesthetic sensualist. Always looking for beauty ans always trying to paint
with imagination, intuition and feeling. This emotional language has to radiate from my work. I am not ready with my development, of
course. I am working very hard to reach higher levels in using colours, techniques, compositions and styles.