Angelika Poels
Angelika Poels

Making art is about searching for my inner space and convert this into art.
Angelika Poels is a Dutch artist living and working in Deurne. She achieved her propedeuse
at the drawing Academy in Tilburg when she was 21 years old. In 2016 she graduated at
the Fine arts Academy in Belgium. Since then her love for making the reality abstract or
surreal has grown. Her ideas arises often when she is dreaming or staring and from there
Angelika can proceed when she is working in her studio. In her paintings she searches for
abstraction and elements of surreal images.
As a source of inspiration she often uses daily objects, situations in her environment or sometimes social topics. Important to
Angelika Poels is the freedom working in several disciplines and materials. Working from the elements depht, transparency
and layering feels like the most natural proces for the artist.
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