Waltraud Gemein
Waltraud Gemein

Waltraud Gemein was born in 1951 and she lives and works in Germany.
During her studies in Göttingen she was a private student of the painter and sculptor Henry Hinsch (1909-1979).
She has been creating large-format surrealistic ink drawings since 2011. Her drawings are
depicting „with 1000 strokes“ creatures that are both human and animal or plant.
She is a member of the artists‘ association „Kunst Stuttgart International“.
In 2018 and 2019 she participated in exhibitions in Udine, Naples, Meta, London, Venice and Rome.
The figures of Waltraud Gemein represent the unity of all living beings, humans, animals or vegetables. There are
only gradual differences between these three forms of being, not essential. With her works the artist wants to
reflect on the infinite levels of being. According to Waltraud Gemein, the artist has the task of creating new worlds,
in order to perceive the world around us in a different way.